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Consulting, design, supply, installation
Consulting, design, supply, installation

As supplier of electrical equipment leading in Vietnam market. As the official distributor of the world's leading brand of electrical equipment: ABB, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. We offer a full range of products in the power system:

    High voltage equipment: Cutting 500 kV, capacitor banks, where the Switchboard, distribution transformers, mobile transformers ...
    Medium-voltage equipment: Enclosure of the, bridge traffic load, distribution transformers, protective equipment and monitoring,
    Low Voltage Distribution Equipment: Siemens, ACB, MCCB, ATS, MCB, RCCB, RCBO, ...
    Device drivers: Contactor, Relay, Inverter, ...
    Automation Equipment: Control Relays, PLC, Scada Software, ...
    Sensors and Measurement: Proximity sensors, Pressure sensors, Limit Switches, ...
    UPS equipment
Low voltage power distribution cabinets, ATS
    Capacitor power factor control
    Motor control center cabinets
    Electric box

  With the knowledge base and experience in the industry mainly. We offer customers a total solution in power distribution systems, control and industrial automation including design consulting, management supervision, Projects, Technology Transfer, system maintenance. With professional staff and many years of experience, we have successfully implemented many projects and services:

    Distribution system of medium voltage, low voltage.
    Power System workshops, public lighting.
    Building electrical system, HVAC control system
    Process control systems and production automation (PLC, SCADA)
    System monitoring and power management.
    Service maintenance and electrical systems.
    Consulting services, system design.
    Audit services and energy savings.

    In recent years 3C always a trusted friend of the company and works across the country. We have asserted their right step through a series of client projects have been completed and credibility. We hope the review of your company so that we can become a reliable partner of your company.

Công ty Cổ phần Máy tính - Truyền thông - Điều khiển 3C
Địa chỉ : 54 Giang Văn Minh - Phường Đội Cấn - Quận Ba Đình - TP.Hà Nội

Điện thoại : 024 37334499  - Fax : 024 37334499

Design by 3C
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