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Provide -Distribution  - Industrial electrical device
Provide -Distribution - Industrial electrical device

3C has many years experience in providing distribution of electrical products - electronics in residential and industrial, with famous brands in Europe, Asia nhuLS (Korea), emic, Cadivi, Mitsubishi Hyundai, Shihlin, Schneider, Panasonic, Mikro, SAMWHA, Shizuki, Osemco, Clipsal, ... consists of items:


- 1 phase electricity meter types 5 (20) A, 20 (80) A, 40 (120) A, ... emic

- 3 phase electricity meter indirectly and directly: 5 (20) A, 20 (80) A, 30 (60) A, 50 (100) A ... emic

- Turn the other ... emic

- Turn the other ... CNC

- Trading in the electrical enclosure industry.

- MCCB, ELCB, RCCB, MCB, CB, ACB, Contactor and overload relay ... LS (Korea), Hyundai (Korea)

- Hyundai Inverters, Inverter General, Mitsubishi Inverters, Inverter LS, ...

- MCCB, MCB, CB, ACB, Contactor, Relay, ... Mitsubishi (Japan), Shihlin (Taiwan), Schneider

- Equipment sockets, switches, lighting in residential, industrial ... Panasonic

- Equipment sockets, switches, lighting in residential, industrial ... Clipsal

- Power cable, control cable, medium voltage cables ... Cadivi

- Switches, buttons, lights, switches switches, Relay types, sirens, Domino, Clock type, sensors, fuses, ... Yongsung (Korea), Kacon (Korea), Ken (taiwan ) ...

- Relay protection against earth fault (EF), Over Current Protection Relay (OC), low voltage, over voltage, phase loss, ... Mikro, SAMWHA

- Provide capacity capacitor manufacturers: DUCATI, SAMWHA, ENERLUX, EPCOS, Shizuki, PHICAP, PHAECAP, SINO, Eunsung, HAVELLS ...

- Provide the capacitor bank controllers firms: SK4, DUCATI / Italy, Shizuki / Japan, JKL / China, Mikro / MALAYSIA, ...

Công ty Cổ phần Máy tính - Truyền thông - Điều khiển 3C
Địa chỉ : 54 Giang Văn Minh - Phường Đội Cấn - Quận Ba Đình - TP.Hà Nội

Điện thoại : 024 37334499  - Fax : 024 37334499

Design by 3C
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