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Departments of 3C company
Departments of 3C company

 1. Sales and Business Department:

This department includes staffs with professional skills and experience in domestic business as well as import- export. All of employees have graduated from university and after-university in our country and abroad. Sales and Business Department currently focuses on the sales of electrical equipments, control, measurement and information technology, information extraction which is a new field in Vietnam and now is the priority for the development of the department. Up to now center have gained some achievements and other promising results in the future.

2. Software - 3C:

Software Technology Center includes leading experts in system analysis and programming. As the first location in this field in Vietnam, the center not only focuses on research and production of software but also becomes a training center for young persons to become lecturers at universities, staff members working in computer companies and many of them have made millions of dollars in business, computer, banking .....

3. Training and high-tech Department -3C

Center's mission is to continue developing information technology and make recommendations to the Board of Director for the development of our company. The Center is also carrying out the  research to determine the basis of the industry, recognizing sounds to support software 3C. Additionally, the universalization of computing is being done with the participation of many students from universities and after-universities.

Currently, center is mainly focusing on process technology based on neutron, it is evaluated to create a new revolution within next 3- 5 years. We will always follow the development of production technology of Chip Neutron and develop the theory of process based on Neutron network technology. Our invention is also designed basing on this technology.

4. Solution and Project Center

This center is responsible for organizing network and wholesale dealers, participating competitive bidding and major projects. This is the place where supply the whole system of products and services.

5. Maintenance and Technical support Center

Hardware staffs of Maintenance and Technical support Center are in charge of implementing installing, maintaining and repairing all equipments for customers. Administrative staff currently consists of 23 people who have graduated from university and have been trained intensively at training centers such as: HP, IBM, DELL, CISCO and Microsoft ... to become experts who are able to represent company to repair office equipments. Moreover, this center is the maintenance representative unit for manufacturers, which is responsible for the maintenance of computer products sold on the market on behalf of manufacturer unit.

Because the center accesses to the latest technology of computer, 3C Service and technical support team have experienced and had great contributions to the Information technology sector in our country. During continuous years, Maintenance Center has already created the reputation with the partners. It has timely contributed technical solutions, equipments, machinery and offers maintenance service upon request. During its process of operation, the center has trained many qualified technicians and the guidance to many students.

6. Communication Department- 3C

With a team of professional technicians which are expert in construction and installation (construct and synchronize BTS), construction and connection the data line- optical cable, and provide Internet service. Center have already trained many skillful technicians.

7. Control Department -3C

Control Department includes following centers:

- Center of Electronic Balance is the only facility which have researched for many years, made experiments and successfully created electronic balances in the country. The balances are diversified and have capacity of 1- 500 tons with the accurate up to 0.5%. Data of balances is automatically treated by computers and printed the results. Following this, the information is also stored in computer system to fully manage. Our balances have been certified quality by Measurement and Quality Standard Office and patented by Patent Office. Actually, they have the same quality but cost 1/3 of the price in comparison with the balances from foreign countries. Moreover, we offer 1 year of warranty for our balance, which balances manufactured overseas do not have. Our company has already signed many contracts with the provinces in the country and other business associations, economic organizations and the management of balance. Our products are widely used to weigh cars, weigh heavy loads, cement and rice ....

- Industrial electronics center specializes in manufacturing electrical cabinets, modem box and domestic appliances.

- Control Center manufactures and operates as a supplier of measurement equipments, temperature recorder in burning kilns, control devices in process of production and signal controllers for electronic advertising equipments.

- Provide control panel for power stations up to 500KV. 3C is an official distributor of equipments using in the protective control cabinet such as: MCB, intermediate relay, time relay ... marked Siemens, Merlin Gerin ... This is not only a statement of guarantee for quick and convenient after-sales service of our company but also a reliable and available address when customers need the backup device for the control cabinets. 3C has experience in designing transmission lines with voltage up to 500 kV , transformers, capacitors and main bar protection ... including main protection, backup protection together with automatic reclosing, circuit-breaker protection and integrated check.

8. 3C-Electrical equipments

- Provide electrical equipments for electrical stations of 500 KV such as: circuit-breaker, disconnector, TU, TI ... manufactured by well-known brands throughout the world such as: GE, Siemens, Areva, ABB ...

- Perform as the only supplier and distributor of GE series capacitor 500KV in Vietnam for major repair projects and backup projects.

- Provide accessories as well as electrical cables for electrical stations and lines.

9. 3C- Electrical test equipment and Petrochemical

- Provide electrical test equipments for most of electrical units.

- Having provided products manufactured by well-known experimental equipment brands in the world such as: ISA, Megger, Programma, GE, Doble, CHAUVIN ARNOUX, Raytech, BAUR, HIOKI, Kyoritsu, YOKOGAWA, Graphtec.v.v.

- Having provided products manufactured by well-known petrochemical experimental equipment brands such as: Koehler, ENERGY SUPPORT, BAUR, Cannon, Cole-Parmer, Petrotest, HIAC, TANAKA.v.v.

10. Business Department

This department is responsible for exporting and importing equipments, materials, manufacturing and consuming materials ...

11. Consultancy and Investment Department

3C has invested in consulting activity including: Real estate, International business, Financial investment and Banking. 3C is also the principal shareholder of VP Bank, ACB, Sacombank, Techcombank. These help us to implement projects of millions of USD in the recent years.


Head Office Add: 54 Giang Van Minh, Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi  - Tel : 024 37334499  - Fax : 024 37334499

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