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Business field
electronic information Port for business
electronic information Port for business

In the field of IT, Portal has the same meaning. Can be considered the gateway to a large repository of information, diverse. Concept Portal (often referred to as Electronic Communication Port) is the next step of developing Web services. If the website was built as an independent unit of information, the Portal is designed as a central integrated information, applications and network services. Portal is essentially an access point information with Web interface, user support effective exploitation of a large volume of information and d

 Portal e-Portal is one of the direction of 3C products, ability to provide powerful Portal.
Special Feature

3C_Portal features suitable for basic construction and content management:
Content Management System (CMS - Content Manager System) power: 3C_Portal provides powerful content management features, allowing storage and management of dozens of pages of text digitizing
Net Web interface: 100% user interface and administration of the Web 3C_Portal
Support multiple operating systems: 3C_Portal can operate on Windows NT, 2000, Linux and various Unix systems.
Vietnamese language support thoroughly: 3C_Portal Vietnamese full support with the ability to organize, find no differences generally, regardless of the accent and regardless of encoding Vietnamese.
Support multi-language standard i18n: 3C_Portal for creating interfaces, menus or branch information in multiple languages compliant i18n (Internationalization)
Able customized, personalized for each user or each user object class.
Ability to bear loads and distributed errors: 3C_Portal allows distributed load (load-balancing) through support to run simultaneously on multiple servers and Fault Tolerance (fail-over) high.
Powerful search system: one of the most prominent feature of 3C_Portal integrated with technology to create the index and search the full text Vietnamese (full-text search), search for deeper meaning in text. 3C_Portal allows management and search the full text document as. Doc,. Xls,. Ppt,. Html,. Xml. ... Pdf For the text documents can not be digitized or not digital system will let users know these resources are located where the company
Single sign-on, allows users to simply sign-on (single sign-on) and working with all services.
Integrating information from external data sources: theapplication is available from the website or the other based on information exchange

Scope of Application

As well as the outstanding products of 3C System Solutions Portal electronic information has been applied to many customers:
Enterprise: 3C - Portal help integrate data sources and report business information, based on which port to create electronic information business.
Agencies: 3C - Portal particularly effective when applied to the court report or electronic construction public information
Agencies: 3C - Portal help develop industrial cooperation problem, the integration of information resources and integrated data needed to support leadership decisions, giving information portal operated working

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