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BTS 3C-2500BTS

The assembled container built by Electric 3C always ensure the requirements on fire prevention as:
- Non-flammable
- Explosion proof materials used are all kinds of PU, PE, ..

parameters Technology





The scope of installation

The docking station can be mounted on almost any terrain from simple to complex, plain and mountainous areas.


The basic function


Fire protec

The container assembly manufactured by 3C Electric ensures that the requirements on fire prevention as:

- No ignition

- Explosion proof materials used are all kinds of PU, PE, .. (For materials exposed to fire within 12 seconds of material is not distorted)


The structure of the Container

The docking station by 3C Electric Container production after installation is complete will ensure the tightness criteria, waterproof, wind-large and large shocks. All the links of the docking station is covered with Silicon (neutral) to improve water resistance. Stiffness of the structure and resistant to external impacts of container production by 3C Electric meet the following criteria:

a/vibration resistance..

- Can you level 7 earthquake

b/ resistance to high winds..

- Resistant to wind with maximum speed 60m / s without distortion of shape or damaged.

c / Inhibition of water.

- Resistant to pressure 1kg/m2

d / gas leakage resistance.

- The internal and external container structure assembly against air leakage and achieve the required anti-dust reached.

e / load bearing capability.

- The floor is a robust design with an average load capacity of about 700 - 1000 kg / 1m2 floor.



- Container assembly capable of good insulation, compound materials is not catch fire, the density of the insulating material is used 3C Electric ≥ 42 kg/m3. Heat transmission coefficient of the material is in the range 0.021 ÷ 0.003 Kcalo / Mh



All materials are assembled outside of the container is handled by anti-rust coating method, useful life of the product to be 05 years or more. The detailed coating ensure high electrostatic devices in the cabinet.


Target shell station technical skills.


The side panels

- Corrugated Container side of the plate assembly will be used in structural composite materials, in the middle is the PU composite layer has a minimum thickness of 50 ÷ 60 mm; two layers of 2 special steel painted or galvanized steel sheet or coating thickness is 0.4 mm, outer covering of PVC, the total coating thickness of 0.5 mm PVC Ka. Coupling between the two plates are connected by the connector fixed.


Roof panels

- The roof panels have a minimum slope gradient of 2 degrees, the roof was to avoid standing water, the slope of the roof panels can be based on field construction to design accordingly



- Use the entire floor plate material strength, waterproof, well insulated, anti-static, no significant elasticity (inelastic), bear the load average from 700 ÷ 1000kg/m2 (depending the use requirements).


Shell door station

- Container Store docking station shell material using the same material with the side panels, door closed on the inside, between the door and door frame seals against water and dust. The height of the door is in the range 180 ÷ 200cm, width is 85 ÷ 100 cm.

- Door frame using aluminum alloy plates or hard durable, the panels when mounting bracket can be resistant to other forms of breaking down the doors with conventional hand tools or mechanical breaking, consistent with international standards IP55 International.

- Opening and closing system is used all kinds of professional hinges is highly secure.

- The lock is equipped with high security locks, and be able to lock waterproof.


Steel stand

- Steel stand is made from killed steel sheets at least 2 mm thickness, and ensure the structural strength for both the docking station.

- The base of the station is divided into two parts. Three feet and 3 feet fixed mobile convenience during installation and adjustment of the terrain.


Fixed bracket shell station

- Fixed Frame made from shells station die angle 2mm thick. Frame is powder coated or galvanized against rust. The more frames together by bolts and nuts are galvanized against rust.



The accessories used in the station include:

- System power supply and lighting for the station

- Ladder system, cable tray for the wiring

- Air-conditioning system, ...

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