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Computer Repair
Computer Repair

Computer & IT equipment

This is one of the key services and prestige of 3C long. This service will ensure that computers and IT equipment your work efficiently again after repairs. 3C has a stringent process in repair mode and a customer in each particular case.

Upgrading your computer

This service reduces the cost to customers when the computer does not meet current needs. The purchase of new machines is lower policy, upgrading is still a solution more customers choose. This service also creates opportunities for customers to understand more about the computer and especially your computer to hear the advice of experts.

You are very frustrating because the my computer refuses to work? Is all the new software you install on all ko be working?

Or maybe you just want to add a few utilities that do not spend much money. Please upgrade your computer.

But you have to start from? Because the upgrade requires some mechanical changes to your machine somehow, and you want to find a good service center. Rest assured when you come to Central Maintenance Computer 3C. With a team of counselors is extremely professional with leading experts in the field of maintenance and troubleshooting computer tinh.Chung're always committed to give customers the optimum service and quality advice Best quality.

With us you will be using the service that best suits your needs, tell us about your computer and you are experiencing difficulties. You can just add RAM. However, you may need something more complex, like a new CPU or motherboard. No matter what you do and do not forget the regulations first upgrade: "Please upgrade the machine, but do not ever buy a new computer but the same activities. With a team of professional consultants and technicians are now leading in computer maintenance and supply components will not let this happen.

Not economic and efficient when comprehensive upgrade (modern, free card, memory, CD-ROM) if set too low because of management. If you replace the entire motherboard, including a new hard drive, video card and possibly longer, the screen will be very expensive, can be more expensive than buying a new machine.

However, if you have a new computer and always see the clock running against the sand, you should upgrade the memory. Again, the techniques of software development centers 3C Soft will answer questions for you. Can your computer just a RAM 256 MB. However, with the Win XP machine, running Win2003 and software utilities such as photoshop CS ... We suggest that the memory should be at least 512 MB RAM

If you completely satisfied with the current operation speed of the computer and just want to add other functions will have to do? Just a CD-ROM drive, a modern run faster, rather Multimedia or sound card you can add more and more. You can also buy a monitor, keyboard and mouse or new. All these sections are available and there are many types on the market. However, it is better to buy in a store with high prestige and always full of sales representative knowledge. There are also many different levels of quality, so you should choose the appropriate level of activity.

Công ty Cổ phần Máy tính - Truyền thông - Điều khiển 3C
Địa chỉ : 54 Giang Văn Minh - Phường Đội Cấn - Quận Ba Đình - TP.Hà Nội

Điện thoại : 024 37334499  - Fax : 024 37334499

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