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3C always ensure the objectivity and the reliability in the assessment of conformity; the measurements and the tests must give accurate results and reflect exactly the actual state of parameters or the specifications of products. With this objective, the laboratory and the measurement team must follow requirements as belows:

- Have enough necessary measuring and testing equipments;
- Technicians have been trained professionally and skillfully to carry out precisely the measurements and tests as regulation;
- Have measurement environment and satisfactory test conditions;
- Always maintain features and the accuracy of measurement and testing equipments by calibrating or comparing with standard samples.

Conformity assessment: Activity of Conformity assessment needs implementing regularly in the production process as well as in the commercial transaction to fulfill requirement of buying and selling goods. According to purpose of the conformity assessment, we could divide this activity into following groups:
- In accordance with requirements of standards which is referred as Standard Conformity Assessment;
- In accordance with technical standards which is referred as Regulation Conformity Assessment;
- In accordance with requirements of clients under commercial contracts;
- In accordance with requirements of consumers to improve product and service quality.

Accreditation system of laboratories:
In order to demonstrate that laboratory meets all above requirements, 3C has established an accreditation system of laboratories such as NAMAS System from British, NATA from Australia, KOLAS from Korea, CNAS from China, VILAS from Vietnam. In which some systems has put into operation for years such as NAMAS of British since 1945, DKD of Germany since 1970s of last century.
After the establishment of International Laboratory Accreditation Conference (ILAC) in 1977 and Asian Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation (APLAC) in 1992, accreditation systems of laboratory cooperated closely to promote accreditation activity in each country, studied and contributed together to the improvement of accreditation assessment standards among countries. The agreement of ILAC and APLAC about Mutual Recognition of Laboratory Accreditation (MRA) is the basis for the mutual recognition of measurement and testing and aims to "One standard, one test, one certificate, accepted everywhere".

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