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Business field
Introduce business electric automation
Introduce business electric automation

Supply electrical equipments and systems:

ü  Design, manufacture and install electric power system such as: transformer stations, electrical substations, magnetic card code system ...

ü  Direct Current system to apply power, communication systems ...

ü  Manufacture and supply electricity such as MCCB, produce valves with average size and low valves ...

ü  Design and manufacture low valves and cubicles with average valves for most of applications.

ü  Design, manufacture and supply exciters for generators

ü  Design, manufacture and supply equipments and auxiliary substation systems such as: transformer stations, industrial plants ...

ü  Design, manufacture and supply relay protection system for generators, auxiliary substation systems, power transmission systems ...


Supply protection- control cubicle systems

The frame of protection- control cubicle supplied by 3C is made of shaped 22mm-thickness sheets which are welded together, ensuring the tightness as well as the stability of the cubicle when installing equipments. The front side of control cubicle is fixed while the front side of protection cubicle is the cubicle wing made of transparent mica sheet. This wing can be opened up to 1400, welded availably with grounding bolts and installed hinges on the left or right side. The back wing of the cubicle is availably equipped with document bag. Cubicle shell is painted light gray RAL 7032 and has the protective level of IP41. Dimension of cubicle (standard): Height x Width x Depth: 2200 x 800 x 800 (mm)


Supply series capacitor bank 500kV

3C is the supplier of capacitor manufactured by General Electric Company for major repairing projects, provision for power system of 500kV in Vietnam.

Supply series capacitor bank for 500kV Danang Substation belonging to the major repairing project of 500kV substations, provide series capacitor bank for 500kV Nhoquan Substation belonging to the backup buying project of 500kV Nhoquan Substation. 


Supply Circuit-breaker and Transformer Systems

3C Company specializes in providing circuit-breakers for electric power systems, SF6 123kV and 245kV Siemens Circuit-breakers for 500kV power stations in Vietnam.

Especially, we supply 550kV SF6 - Outdoor Circuit Breakers, 3-phase, 4000A - 63kA/3s, individual pole operation mechanism type.

Supply for 500 kV Da Nang Substation, PTC2 in the construction of repairing 500 kV Da Nang Substation.


Supply power line accessories and substations

ü  Specialized power line accessories

ü  Chain, string up to 500kV

ü  Accessories of aerial bundled cable and ABC cable

ü  Lightning- resistant valves

Công ty Cổ phần Máy tính - Truyền thông - Điều khiển 3C
Địa chỉ : 54 Giang Văn Minh - Phường Đội Cấn - Quận Ba Đình - TP.Hà Nội

Điện thoại : 024 37334499  - Fax : 024 37334499

Design by 3C
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