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Collaboration solutions for the primary flow transformers with the recloser load
With the ability to "close cooperation and repeat" of the recloser, can eliminate power cuts lasting supply system due to this problem temporarily. However, if the problem is not permanent but temporary, recloser will "lock circuit" closed after a number of repeated unsuccessful (usually three or four times), and thereby providing lo isolate of incidents from the system.
Solution selected capacitor simplest, standard IEC
Improve power factor allows users transformers, switches and cable equipment under ... while reducing power loss and drop in the electrical network.
Technology of thermal conductor in power transmission system
In electrical systems, the improvement of the system capacity needs to be always performed to keep up with the development of the additional charge. In the power transmission grid, lines of wire always have to adjust the operation to prevent overload, which is a frequent occurrence, if the overload occurs too long, it may lead to drop in tacks, connections and heat emission, increase the deflection threatening to the system.

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